Keppel stripped bare for the big day tomorrow.

IMG_20141112_152849We have taken everything out of Keppel today as tomorrow is her big day, when she goes into the boatshed at Roger Fuller Boatbuilding for new footings, bottom and general restoration. When she comes out in the new year, she will be ready for another half century of service on the cut. This is the first time for over twenty years that Keppel has been completely stripped of the camping boat fit out that was put in in the early 1990s and open to the elements. Now the hard work begins.

Keppel goes undercover.

Keppel will be going into the shed at Roger Fuller Boatbuilding next week for her complete makeover. Work party on Wednesday 12 November at the yard to get everything ready. Many hands make light work, so come along and give us one .... (hand, that is!).

Lindsay meets Paul Smith.

We de-leafed Lindsay first thing for the fashion people last Wednesday and then started the first of many waits, Liz nipped back for her knitting and got on with that. Things got going and the model donned the first of many outfits and was photographed by the boat, on top of the engine 'ole, by the side of the cut, and after a boat ride, outside bottle ovens and Middleport Pottery. The collection is due for next Spring, so we all had to look very sunny and the poor model spent most of the day looking extremely cold! Anyway, if you wish to see what the well-dressed man by the canal will be wearing next year, I am afraid you will have to wait until the collection goes public in a few months, in Japan. Nearly another 12 inches for Keppel's bottom earned in the process! DSC_0952DSC_0933 DSC_0939DSC_0942DSC_0949