The admiral class

Lindsay and Keppel were one of the last two pairs of carrying narrowboats built for British Waterways by Yarwoods at Northwich. Of the four boats, Lindsay and Mountbatten were motorboats paired with Keppel and Jellicoe, butty boats, that is unpowered and towed by their motorboat. Lindsay and Mountbatten were registered on 19 July 1960 and this is generally accepted as their completion date. The 12 admiral boats were all named after British admirals in alphabetical order, starting with Anson paired with Benbow, then Collingwood and Drake, Effingham and Frobisher, Grenville and Howard; all these first four pairs were built by Pimblotts at Northwich and finished in 1959. Mountbatten and Jellicoe and Lindsay and Keppel followed in 1960 from Yarwoods. Admiral Lindsay was the first captain of the Victory and was a rear admiral of the red. Admiral Keppel was a vice admiral and First Sea Lord.