The admiral narrowboats

Grenville. Built by Pimblott's of Northwich. Registered at Northwich no. 115 on the 20th Oct 1959. Operated as a maintenance boat by British Waterways until holed in the ice at Etruria in 2010. Sold to Rothen's as a maintenance boat. These images were taken after Rothen's had raised the boat from the mud at Etruria Clay Wharf.
Mountbatten and Jellicoe. Built at Yarwoods, Northwich as the sister pair to Lindsay and Keppel. Registered at Northwich, Jellicoe in February and Mountbatten in July 1960; nos.  116 and 119. Mountbatten was often used as motor for Keppel during BW carrying days and later for other carriers.The pair was brought back together by Ivor Batchelor and run as coal and diesel supply traders in the north west until about 2010. They have recently been acquired by new owners who plan to run a coal delivery business along the Llangollen canal. (Oct 2014). Photographed in 2006 heading down the Cheshire locks. Anson. Photo near Gas Street Basin, Birmingham. Benbow. Photo taken 2014 Collingwood. Collingwood towing butty Ash near Stockton Heath 2006 Drake. Effingham.Photo taken 19?? Effingham at Anderton Boat Lift 1964 Frobisher. Hardy. Lindsay and Keppel.